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The £175 deal is our second most popular website package.

It includes everything you need to get your business online:

Hosting included in all our packages.

• This deal is for a 1 page (leased per year) custom designed website. We will use your own logo, colours and fonts of your choice. You can supply approximately 10 images as required. There is a limit on text - which is approximately 1000 words. The site is created to represent your business or existing marketing material. We also work with customers who have very little existing information and can use our own design ideas to ensure the website represents your business.

• The hosting is naturally included in this deal. Ours is the best available and is super fast - your website is on a dedicated server. You may have noticed that many websites take ages to load. This is because most websites are on shared servers, which means if your website data is next to another companies data and theirs receives hundreds of hits an hour - it slows your load time down.

• Domain Registration. This deal includes a top level domain such as a or a .com Once your domain is registered (in your name) we become your agents and set the domain to automatically renew on your behalf each year, so you don't have to worry about renewing it. Please see the Domain Registration page for more information about domains.

• Email. We can set up email forwarding to your existing email account or we can arrange for your computer to be configured for Outlook, so you can send and receive email from an email address like - A small charge may apply in this situation.

• Photographic Service. This offer includes a free local photographic service. We can visit your restaurant or garage for example and take all the images we need to create your site.

• Google. Your website will be created in such a way that it is 'Google friendly'. We will list your website with Google and take the necessary steps to optimise your listing. Please see our SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) page for more information.

• Website Counter. We will put a website counter on your website. This will typically be at the bottom of the page. It is important for both our customers and us to know how your website is performing. We review how many hits our websites have received each month.

• Basic Updates. The yearly fee includes basic updates to your site. For example, if you change your phone number, want an image replaced or added and a change to the text - then this is all included in the deal. More time consuming changes, such as a major update to the site will be chargeable. Please contact us for more information about how this works.

You can click on the example websites below to see what you can expect from us under the £175 package:

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