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Domain Registration.


Domain registration is included in most of our packages or just register your domain for now.

A website domain is what is otherwise known as your 'web address'. This is the name that follows www. for example our domain is Domains are never bought outright, they are always rented from several governing bodies.

Registering your domain name is very important. When the most suitable domain name has been registered, it is no longer available to everyone else. If a company trades mainly in the UK the best domain suffix is This means 'a company in the UK'. The second best domain would typically be a .com which means 'commercial' or 'company' but often can be associated to the US.

So - if you trade as DP Plumbing for example, there may be several other companies in UK that trade under the same name.

If they register then that domain is no longer available unless they don't renew the domain, for example if they cease trading. For this reason, even if you don't plan on having a website now - you would be best advised to let us register it so it is safe for when you are ready.

To register a we currenly charge £25 per year, but's are registered on a 2 yearly basis - so we charge £50 per 2 years.
To register a .com we currently charge £30 per year and also register on a 2 yearly basis - so we charge £60 per 2 years.

Note: if we start your website project within 6 weeks of us registering your domain, this price is deducted from the deal price.

6 Good reasons to let us register your Domain - Sooner rather than later:

  1. Once we have registered it, effectively it's yours - as long as you are trading and it is renewed!
  2. There are several domain suffixes and the best suffix such as is always better than a .biz for example.
  3. There may be several other companies in the UK that trade under the same name as you do. If they register the name, then that domain is no longer available.
  4. There are also companies out there that search business listings and find companies who haven't registered their domain. These companies then register your domain and then try and sell it back to you at vastly inflated prices. This practice is perfectly legal.
  5. Registering your domain now gives you more time to prepare for having a website. You may not plan to have a website until later in the year - but at least you can be safe in the knowledge that you domain is safe.
  6. When we have registered your domain, we can create you a holding page on the internet. We can list your phone number and even submit the holding page to Google so if people do an internet search for your business at least they will find you!
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