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Search Engine Optimisation.  Included in all our packages.
Having a website is only half the story. For example, there are companies who sell computer generated templated websites. You fill in all the spaces on an online form and their software creates you a basic website. However, for search engines like Google the website has to have numerous pieces of information inserted thoughout the code into the correct place. There are things called 'Meta' tags for titles, key words and descriptions. Images need naming within the code and pages need names that relate to the subject, for example this page is called seo.htm Google also reads through the text within the website and basis its listing on all these resources. Even the domain name is crucial to Google, for example a domain like will achieve a very good listing.

We understand what Google is looking for and try to keep up with the changes that they regularly make to their listing criteria. Unless a website is hand created it is never going be be properly optimised for a search engine.

What we will do to get you the best possible placement on Google:

• Meta Tags - Key Words. We will suggest the best possible key words for the 'Meta Key Words'. They still have an input into the listing, but are not as important as they once were.

• Title Tag. This is the area at the top of the search browser - at the very top of Internet Explorer for example. This is very important and we will suggest the best title to help your listing.

• Meta Description. This is what you see when you view a search engine and there is text within a short paragraph explaining what is within the website. Again we will suggest the best text for this area.

• Text Content. The text within the website is not only crucial to the viewer of your website, but also to the search engine. For example, we may suggest that if you are a plumbing company from Bishops Stortford the text diplays this somewhere in the first line of text within the homepage. These days search engines read actual words and remember these terms and match them to someones search.

• Image Names. All images will be named appropraitely. This not only helps search engines, but also blind people use software that helps read outloud the content of the website.

• Page Names. All webpage files will be named in order to promote its content. For example, a page about boiler servicing will be named boiler-servicing.htm to help search engines.

• Site Map. A site map is a piece of code that we put into the website that tells seach engines what pages are within the website. This helps ensure that no area of the website is missed when search engines do their monthly visit to the website to view its content.

• Google Varification. We put a small piece of code within the website that was supplied via our Google webmaster account. This ensures that Google is fully aware of the website and actively keeps an eye on the website to help its own listings.

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