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What is a Web-Ad?

For companies without a website, a Web-Ad is between having no internet presence and having a bespoke website. It will ensure that your business is found in a Google Search and accurate contact information is made available.

A Web-Ad is simply your own advert on the World Wide Web (Internet) which promotes your business. Traditionally, advertisements have been placed in the local paper or parish magazine to promote local businesses.

In this day and age, most people (4 out of 5) will turn to the internet to find or check out a business or trade, typically by searching for a company name and a location.

How it works:

We register your domain in your name so you are the legal owner both now and in the future. Rather than create a website, we create a Web-Ad that is visible to people looking for your company. A Web-Ad is a very simplified version of a website. However, the Web-Ad is submitted to Google and people searching for your business will find your advert. The advert has all the necessary information that potential customers and Google are looking for such as:

Web Ad Information as required:

  1. Your company name
  2. Your up to date phone numbers
  3. Your current email address
  4. Four lines of text about your business
    (expandable upon request - Terms Apply)
  5. Your up to date address
  6. Other information upon request (Terms Apply)

How it benefits your business:

Most people will search for a business website long before they ring or email you. When you advertise in traditional paper adverts, on your business card, shop front or van, you can list your domain. At the very least, it shows viewers of the advert that you have an internet presence. A Web-Ad is a far better use of a registered domain than an 'Under Construction' message. It is far easier to remember a domain name or a company name and do a Google search than it is to remember a phone number.

The main purpose of a Web-Ad is to list your business with Google and help potential customers find accurate contact information for you. Yes, there are numerous listings for businesses on Google, but people will only trust a domain name that obviously is owned by the company you are looking for. This will be the only place on the World Wide Web where up to date information can be found.


For only £55 per year (equal to only £4.58 per month) we will create your Web-Ad and register your domain name - the Ad will be live within 24 hours. Your Web-Ad will be submitted to Google and the Ad will be optimised for search engines.

In the future, if you need a full website, your domain is already listed with Google and we can easily work together to upgrade your internet presence. We can even deduct some or all of this cost from your new bespoke website upgrade. Please ask for details.

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