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Frequently Asked Questions.


If you have any other questions, please give us a ring.

Q. Will my website be on the first page of Google?

A. It all depends! Google will always favour companies who have had a website the longest. They use many factors, some of which they don't even make available. Sufficient to say that over time your website will work its way closer to the top of page one. The more hits your site gets the better it will be listed. The more people who search for your exact business, the better your listing will be in time. We would however expect a search for your company name and or location to be at the top of page one within the first month or so.

Q. Do you create websites for large companies?

A. Most often we specialise in small to medium sized businesses who are looking for an informative website at a realistic price. Larger companies wouldn't think twice about paying thousands of pounds for a website. Our business model is to offer value and customer service to the majority.

Q. Do you create E-commerce websites i.e. do you create websites to sell online.

A. No. Again these websites are often well over £1000. Not to say we couldn't offer such a service, but people rarely realise how expensive these kind of sites can be.

Q. Do you create websites whereby people can order on-line from a restaurant?

A. Not normally. We can work with other companies that offer this service, but normally we will create your local website and we will have a link through to the ordering service.

Q. Do you host on your own servers.

A. No. We use a third party company. Currently we use Fasthosts who are the biggest and most reliable in the UK.


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